Monday, February 22, 2010

Intercessions and Thanks

The Children of Isreal pleaded with Samuel to "Cease not to cry unto the Lord our God for us," and Paul wrote to the Romans, Ephesians, Thessalonians and Philemon that he "makes (s) mention of you always in my prayers." We know that the "effectual fervant prayer of a righteous man availeth much" and Christ Himself said "Ask and it shall be given, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you."

Please unite with us over these prayer posts and feel free to leave a prayer or praise, and "let us "come before His presence with thanksgiving."

Pastor Snyder - Lighthouse Baptist Church 406-350-1031


  1. Karen Dodson has been in the great falls hospital for over a week. She went in with low oxygen and is doing stable but tests results are still out and the doctors need wisdom. Please pray for complete strength and recovery. You can contact her as Karen Dodson on facebook. We rejoice that her lungs examined clear and her oxygen numbers are up with machine on 3 liters setting and for her husband Paul who has been able to be with her and also fill the pulpit in Browning with some encouraging services.

  2. Please pray for Shirley as she was diagnosed with MS after years of misdiagnosis of Fibromialgia. She had lost almost all sight in her right eye, which was what helped the doctors properly diagnose her. but we rejoice much of it has been restored but blurry. Praise God for Tom and his care for Shirley.

  3. The fields are certainly white unto harvest, but please continue to pray for our skill in the Word, and God’s Spirit to work through us.
    … most of the ministry opportunity lies in door to door work, and I praise God that a lot of folks have allowed us in and patiently listened to the plan of salvation.

    But they don’t know they are grain needing to be gathered into the Master’s barns, and without skill in the Word, and the Lord working through us, we might just knock down and damage more grain than we harvest. Praise the Lord for a 23 year old gentleman who trusted Christ. He attended Sunday School as a ten or eleven year old.

    We have had some uplifting services with record attendance (25% increase) and we are making progress on our Camp Meeting Fund even though most of our men are without work or cut way back, but God is on the throne and making a way.

    We are already purchasing groceries, lined up portable bathrooms at an incredible rate, and we are pursuing about 5 or 6 locations for Free Camp meeting family housing and R.V. Parking, with a couple of each already lined up. We are praying about how to set up an entire Tent kitchen and things are starting to come together.

    Pray about me applying to be a volunteer staff at the Meth Treatment center to go beyond visiting one resident and instead to hold services for groups of men.

    If you can sign up for , and search for “Robert Eunice Snyder” (they would not allow us to put the word “and” in the name) we just added about 90 photos of Central Montana Activities (some very humorous) and they really reflect the ministry out here to keep us in prayer.

    May God strengthen you and fill your heart with His Passion and Plan for your life,